Change is HERE!

Jesus’ clear charge to His disciples was first to follow Him and then to make others followers of Him. Disciples who would make disciples. That was and is the mission of Jesus followers. Our church is to be pursuing this mission. To better accomplish this mission, our church is committed to implementing the Disciplemaking floorplan and primary pathway as seen below.

Changing the Shape of Ministry

In an effort to give maximum attention to the primary pathway and to give proper evaluation of ministries outside of the primary pathway, the following ministries will not be on the calendar beginning in January 2019:

  • Wednesday Night (Kids Club, Youth Group, Verse by Verse Bible Study)
  • Against the Grain
  • Titus 2
  • Thursday Morning Ladies Bible Study
  • GEMS
  • War Room Prayer

The Primary Pathway and YOU

Pastor Dan, the Elders, and the Board of Ministries are asking that for your growth in Christ you commit to the following:

  1. Attendance to 10:45am worship service every Sunday, to connect with God.
  2. Attendance to 9:30am connect class every Sunday, to connect with others.
  3. Service. That you would engage in ministry (to the church family) and in mission (to those outside the church family) regularly, to serve others.

The ‘ask’ for this commitment is from January 6th to March 3rd. During these 9 weeks, we will explore the essential characteristics of mature disciples. This exploration will be an immersive churchwide experience. The message each Sunday will focus us on a key characteristic. The following Sunday at 9:30am that characteristic will be discussed across all age levels and classes.

Here is what you can do today: sign-up to indicate your commitment. This will be a season of growth, don’t miss it!

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