Christian Young Adulthood

“Adulting” is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as, “The practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks.[i]Spiritual Young Adulthood is not so different from “adulting.” More than anything else, it is the phase of spiritual development where you behave in a way characteristic of a mature Christ-follower. And yes, that comes with “mundane but necessary tasks.” Moreover, it comes with a shift in how you see the world. No longer are you an egocentric child, now you see more and more of life through the lens of Christ’s Kingdom. And your life is being transformed by the Holy Spirit as you are learning new truths from God’s Word and others around you and tenaciously applying them to how you do life.

Spiritual  Young Adults Are:

  • someone who has come to know new life in Christ, having been born again by the Holy Spirit and has an assurance of their adoption into God’s family, is living consistently in the light of Jesus’ instruction and example
  • someone who knows the deeper implications of the faith and has familiarity with the Bible and Christian doctrine
  • someone who has a consistent application of the Bible to life in most areas

Key Characteristics:

  • Christ- centered; they are seeing the world through the lens of Jesus and His Kingdom.
  • Healthy independence; they are able to learn and apply truth on their own on a consistent basis and have healthy relationships with other Christians that fuel growth for both parties.
  • Embraced a Kingdom-perspective; they are willing to serve and sacrifice to see the priorities of Jesus realized in their own lives and in the lives of others.

Milestones to Aim for:

  • Consistency in serving in a small group. More than just ‘attending’ find ways to contribute to your group by leading prayer or helping with an aspect of the lesson. Do more than ‘show-up’.
  • Ongoing, gift-oriented service. As you identify your spiritual gift(s) find where and how they fit into serving others in the church and beyond.
  • Read all of the Bible, studying it for understanding and application.


  • Cynicism. As you grow toward maturity, a common trap of the Enemy is to use other people’s immaturity or sin issues to become opportunities for us to “think more highly of ourselves than we ought” and to think too little of our brother or sister in Christ. We can become an ‘expert’ on spiritual matters instead of being a grace-filled fellow journeyer. Everybody’s a critic or so the saying goes. Our best safe guard is to remember how far we’ve come and the kind of patient compassion that God demonstrates to us as we grow. You’ve been given grace, now keep extending it to others.
  • Spiritual Burnout. Being this far along in your spiritual development opens to you an amazing amount of opportunities. You can serve in a multitude of ways. You can help others in any number of problems they encounter. You can be asked to give and give and give. While sacrifice and putting others first are key components of discipleship, you can’t run on full speed ahead all the time. Self-care is a vital component to staying healthy. Make sure you are balancing life well and taking Sabbath rest. You cannot refresh others out of an empty vessel.

Key Memorization Verse: Galatians 2:20


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