“Holy Week”

Usually, these blogs focus on the previous week’s message. Today, I want to direct our attention forward- to the events we commemorate, celebrate, reflect on and worship around today, tomorrow and Sunday. Last night, we did something new- worshiping through hand washing and communion by intinction (where the bread is dipped in the juice then eaten). It was a deep time of worship for those who came- and I want to thank them for risking it, after all we’d never tried this worship format before. In keeping with that service, I shared a poem which you can read here. Also, I re-worked a sermon which might be powerful for this “Maundy Thursday,” “When Jesus Can’t Wash You”. Finally, I want to provide a really well done day-by-day video piece for “Holy Week” from Crossway Publishers. I am praying for you and me that as we come together for worship tomorrow (7pm) for Good Friday and Sunday (breakfast at 9:30, worship @ 10:45) our hearts will be captured all over again by the Risen Savior! Hoping to worship with you soon!

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