Lust…it’s Epidemic

Sunday I said that our culture is really full of lust and has made it an accepted part of daily life. You and I know this all too well. I was floored today to open an email with a link to an article with this headline: Virginia and South Dakota Legislatures Acknowledge Porn As ‘Public Health Crisis.’ I will post the link to the article itself at the end of this blog. What is crazy to me about this is that there is now a ‘secular’ agreement with what Scripture teaches. And all of this in the midst of a culture that cannot call anything ‘wrong’ in this arena in particular. It’s not that we need culture to validate Scripture but it is curious to me when it does. As ambassadors of God’s good news, we should realize that these moments are God-given opportunities to dialogue with those who would otherwise not be open to discussion on a topic like lust.

Practically, I think there are two fronts on which to attack this deadly sin.

  • First and foremost, it has to be about growing appropriate intimate relationships- that is with our spouse and with our Creator. One of the saddest realities that confront us with an epidemic of porn is that porn (and lust) is easier than healthy full orbed intimate relationship. These take investment, sacrifice, acknowledging the whole person, dealing with our own brokenness in the area of sexual wholeness and so forth. Porn and sexual immorality is far easier, at least at the outset. It is literally available anywhere. Eventually, the fruit of destruction comes to harvest though. The porn habit turns into an addiction. The innocent flirting turns into an affair. All this What is offered to us is far more satisfying. First and foremost in our soul to soul connection with the Creator of the universe. And then, for those of us given the grace of marriage, a soul to soul connection with our spouse. These are life-long journeys. They have all the difficulties and joys of authentic relationship. They also carry all the rewards. Proverbs 5:15 says this, “Drink water from your own cistern, running water from your own well.” If we drink deeply from the God-ordained intimate wells, we will find ourselves far less thirsty for sexual immorality.
  • Second, we have to employ some smart counter measures. I’ve heard with heartbreak more than one person confess that their struggle with sexual immorality wasn’t solved by marriage. Lust is a complex sin because it involves the mind, body and soul. To engage in soul satisfying relationship is a good step but, it isn’t an elixir that cures all ills. If we want to be sexually pure in a culture gone mad with lust, which is going to take some serious planning, forethought and careful living. I laid out some practical ideas on this in the message. Rather than revisit them all here, let me point to some further resources.
    • Covenant Eyes. is an internet filtering and accountability software. It is a service you pay for and no this isn’t a commercial for them in particular. What I like is, in addition to blocking material based on your filter settings, you set up an email address which will receive all of your internet usage (sites visited as well as hourly usage) for the week. The result is instant accountability.
    • For parents, I would recommend this book series: God’s Design for Sex. There are 4 books and age suggestions with each one. They can be helpful conversation starters. I think one of the greater dangers is thinking that our children won’t talk about sex or learn about sex if we protect them well enough. Your child will get “sex education” the question you have to answer is from who. Please parents, let’s be proactive in this arena.

What if our lives told a vastly different story than popular culture? What if, Jesus’ followers could put away sexual immorality and offer by example, a life that preaches that lust is a lie?

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