Obey Right Away

“Obey right away.” has been a mantra in my house for some time now. My two children are probably sick of hearing it but, I will persist in saying it. I want them to learn the principle to obey me and their mother, other authority figures but most vitally God. And I want them to act in obedience now. Not to debate, make up excuses or get distracted with some other activity or a person whose on a different mission or path.

I can imagine that my Heavenly Father comes back to this often with me (and maybe you) as well. How often do I get caught up in doing something else, debating with Him or giving a very good reason why obedience, at least at present, is not possible? I am grateful that He has more patience than I demonstrate with my children!

The life of a follower of Jesus can be boiled down to the question of obedience. Will we submit to our Lord or not? His highest hope for us is glad obedience fueled by love. Have you been baptized? Will you obey or not? Have you been a witness? Will you obey or not? Have you been loving to your neighbors, friends, family, even enemies? Are you loving your spouse? Are you discipling your children by consistently engaging them in matters of faith? Are you consistent in worship attendance? Are you keeping the Sabbath? The list can go on but, the core issue is still this: obedience. If we claim Jesus as Lord, then we need to live out the implications. What is the next step in obedience for you today? Take it!

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