Sabbatical Guide


(səˈbadək[ə]l) noun 1. a purposeful time of rest  for spiritual renewal

WhoThe church family, Pastor Dan and  his family

When:            July 14 – August 12, 2017


Who do I call if a need/concern arises during the sabbatical period?

Church Office: Our administrative assistant, Karen Einloth will be maintaining office hours throughout the sabbatical and will be happy to assist you as she is able.  She can be reached at the office; 412/795-1818.

If a need or concern should arise during non-office hours, the following are individuals you can contact for assistance.

Hospital/Home Visit:  Jim Meli – 412/491-8659, or  Sally Barnett – 412/793-4437

Benevolent Need:  Dwight Luther – 412/795-4290

Facilities Need/Issue:  Eric Lavrinc – 412/628-2522

Treasurer Need:  Dennis Chin – 412/871-5404

Administrative Oversight of Elders/Board of Ministries:  Bill Moran – 412/793-2929

Pastoral Care/Counsel:

Bill Moran – 412/793-2929

Dwight Luther – 412/795-4290

Jim Meli – 412/491-8659

Alan Adams – 412/496-7329

Scott McDaniel – 412/926-2305


Why now?

As we (the Elders) look toward the future of our church and its ministries, we have a deep sense that many of the key leaders and volunteers are tired.  We are also deeply aware of our need to hear God’s voice as we move into His preferred future.  Sabbatical allows both for rest and renewal.  We are trusting that God will meet us in these weeks of purposeful ceasing and seeking.  As we quiet our activities, our prayer is that it will turn up the volume on what God is saying to us.  The Elders felt it imperative for Pastor Dan to take this time away for spiritual, familial and personal renewal.


Who will preach during the sabbatical?

Rev. David Muir; Chaplin, Interim Healthcare, Official Worker of Western PA District of the C&MA

Rev. Paul Cope; Assistant District Superintendent for Western PA District of the C&MA


Who will lead musical worship?

Alan Adams, Worship Team Members


Will children’s church and nursery continue?

Yes. These will continue during sabbatical Sundays.


How are we paying for the sabbatical/pulpit supply?

In providing for the sabbatical, the Elders have extended to Pastor Dan two weeks of paid sabbatical leave.  Pastor Dan is using two weeks of paid vacation to extend the sabbatical to four weeks total.  In the approved budget for 2017, $500.00 was budgeted for speaker honorarium which will be used to compensate those coming to preach during the sabbatical.


 What should I do during the sabbatical period?

You should purposely find ways to lean into God and relationship with one another.  Sabbath by finding ways to slow down and be.  Be with God.  Focus on relational connection.  Try some of the oft neglected spiritual disciplines: fasting, meditating, silence, or solitude.  Have a meal with friends or with someone you’ve not gotten a chance to know.

Other practical suggestions:

  • No cell phone for a day, a meal, an hour
  • Go to the park to prayer-walk a trail
  • Have a day with no agenda
  • Practice “listening prayer”
  • No TV for a week, a day
  • Contemplatively consider memorized passages of Scripture (i.e.; Psalm 23)
  • Memorize a new passage of Scripture or a verse on rest (i.e.; Matthew 11:28-30)
  • Wake up early and watch the sun rise/take in a sunset
  • No social media for a day
  • Take a nap
  • Cease household chores for 24 hours (guilt free)
  • Date your spouse
  • Schedule coffee with a good friend and make the agenda, “How is it with your soul?”
  • No computer for a day
  • Host a board game night
  • Journal about how God has demonstrated His love toward you
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