We Are Witnesses

“The disciples direct and real experience of Jesus and his resurrection qualifies them as witnesses, but the Spirit will give them the capability to articulate their experience with boldness.” – Darrell L. Bock

Often it’s in interaction after a message that a finer point emerges and before ‘blogging’ I would wait a whole week to bring that point out or forget it entirely. Today, I am happy to bring up two excellent points related to me after the message. In the message I came down pretty firmly on what a witness does and how and to whom we are to witness. What I failed to articulate well is a key idea- the title of the series we are now in, “We Are Witnesses.” Bill Moran said it like this after the message. “We are witnesses. How much the Holy Spirit is in control of our lives will determine the kind of witness we are but we are always witnesses.” So spot on. If you are a follower of Jesus, then your life in its entirety is a witness to a watching world.

Lily Chin also made the great point that while we are witnesses, there is a distinct difference between our witness and the witness of the apostles who saw Jesus’ resurrected body. We believe their witness but we don’t have the same “…direct and real experience of Jesus and his resurrection…”

These two great points noted, the questions to ponder become pretty obvious.

  1. What kind of witness are you?
  2. While you have yet to encounter Jesus in the flesh, what direct and real experience of Him and His resurrection life qualifies you as a witness?

I am so blessed to serve among a church family that is not only appreciative and supportive of my ministry but in real and helpful ways dialogues with me about the ministry I do. Thanks Bill, Lily and so many others for your valuable insight and perspective!

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